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At sportstables we always seek to provide you with the latest reviews of your chosen sport. Please find our chosen top of the range top 5 shuffleboard table reviews below:

  1. Hathaway Challenger Shuffleboard Table

best shuffleboard tableThe challenger shuffleboard table came out on top in all of our in house tests. This Shuffleboard table is of stunning design, with its dark cherry finish and its 1.5 inch hardwood glossy playing surface is fit for any playing space. There are options to design and shape your table so you should always pick your table to suit you. The table has built in storage which helps for those lacking playing space, with the legs holding cabinets within themselves. A final positive of the shuffleboard table is that it comes with all your starting accessories to play the game – a very nice addition we felt.



  1. Hathaway Austin Shuffleboard Table

best shuffleboard table

The Austin Shuffleboard table is a 100% USA born and bred fantastic Shuffleboard Table. This would be a table that would stand the test of time and one that would keep all its players happy for as long as they are playing. It has a solid 2.25” block playing surface with grooved beech wood and black walnut etched scoring areas – which create a stand out appearance. We found the table delivered a consistent level of play to please even the most professional of shuffleboard players. It also has heavy-duty climate adjusters to maintain the concavity of the playing surface which further enhances the quality of this table.


  1. Playcraft Woodbridge Shuffleboard Table

best shuffleboard table

The sports tables team felt that this table offered entry level pricing for top quality playing/design quality. The table is built with quality at its heart and contains many features of the highest end tables. Again it also comes with the shuffleboard playing accessories so once the set up is complete, you will be able to begin play right away. The table has a classic feel to it, with it being suited to any environment. Each table leg is adjustable and as a result the table is able to compensate for any sloping or uneven floors. The manual scoring abacus is useful and the built-in rail to absorb shocks is a useful addition in preventing damage to your table.


  1. Fairview Games Room 12 Foot Shuffleboard

best shuffleboard table

The Fairview Shuffleboard Table is another design masterpiece and we were lucky enough to spend time reviewing this table. The Fairview shuffleboard table is very clear in its design and players truly benefit from the simple design, allowing for fantastic gameplay. The table is very well built, with both the playing surface and cabinet made from with quality in mind.


  1. Playcraft Telluride Pro-Style Shuffleboard Table

best shuffleboard table

Whilst this is the most expensive table we have reviewed on here, it is for the professional and the best quality table we have played on. It truly has a unique beautiful appearance, with its Canadian maple butchered block playing surface which creates fantastic game play. The electronic scorer that hangs over the table ensures you never lose focus on the score and is easy to use to keep up to date after each playing round. The table is the regulation 22-foot long size and is suitable for the most professional playing environments. The table has all the other features you would expect for the price and once you have finished admiring its appearance, practice will certainly make perfection on the Playcraft shuffleboard table.


How to choose the best Shuffleboard Table for your needs:

Table shuffleboard is becoming one of the coolest games to play and the sport is exploding in America right now and is also now becoming popular across Europe. Whether you are looking at buying a shuffleboard table for your commercial space, business or house, we are certain you will be happy with your decision once the table arrives. There are numerous tables that our team have played on and reviewed, but we will try to focus on the best 5 for you, so you know these are truly the best tables on the market at the moment. As with all the tables, there are a wide range of pricing options to consider when choosing your table and this will impact on your buying choice. If there is a table you would like us to review that we haven’t already then please do let us know …

Choosing the best Shuffleboard Table … what to consider?

  • Location … A shuffleboard table is not a small feature piece and you should consider where this table will be placed before you make your purchase. You will need to think about space at either end and to the side of your playing table. Speaking from experience you should also consider leaving space for spectators and also space for mistakes or overthrows – the pucks can be heavy and accidents can happen.


  • Length of table … This links into your choice of room for the table and available space, but the tables start at 9’ and go all the way up to 22’. Regulation tables are 22 feet long and 20 inches wide. We would say to not worry if you cant get the regulation size and any table is better than no table!! It is also worth mentioning that the majority of shuffleboard tables do not bend and careful consideration should be given to getting your table set up and in position, with door ways, corridors and corners all carefully thought about.


  • Design features … Shuffleboard tables have an ever so slight concave curve on the playing surface and as you get better will be your secret weapon. To maintain the curve, the best tables will have metal brackets underneath them for you to adjust. You will not need to adjust this on a daily basis, however is good to have so you can maintain this important aspect of the table. Another key feature of any shuffleboard table is the surface and the finish on this. The best tables will offer a lifetime guarantee on the quality, where as more budget friendly options may need to be refinished every couple of years.


If you are new to playing Shuffleboard then there are a few things you will need to consider to get the most from your table:

  • Shuffleboard Wax
  • Scoreboard
  • Shuffleboard Pucks

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