The Ultimate Guide To The Best Ping Pong Table

You’ll find the best ping pong table for your needs reviewed here by our experts … but which one is right for you?

Welcome to our table tennis and best ping pong table review site. If you have made it onto our page, then you may already know the benefits of playing this great Olympic sport.

Whether you are looking for a table for the office, your home, a local gym or school, we will give you the full lowdown on which is the best ping pong table for you, catering for all budgets. We will review both indoor and outdoor tables, and walk you through everything you need to consider when purchasing your best ping pong table.

What's The Best Ping Pong Table On The Market Today?

1. Stiga Advanced Indoor Table Tennis Table

Stiga Advanced Indoor
Table Tennis Table

What better place to start than with a STIGA table, a renowned Ping Pong brand which is known for its quality. Here at Sportstables we feel that this table offers future users a table which is competition ready, elegant in its design and which provides users with a fantastic playing experience. When the sample table arrived in our office, we were amazed at how quickly it could be put together. It boasts a “10 minute quickplay design” which we found to be 100% accurate.

The table has a simple elegant design, suiting any room. The table can also be folded up easily and has a safety latch to make sure it doesn’t fall down when not in use, which is great for peace of mind. The table has a high density MDF finish, and the tournament grade net is held in place with a spring clamp post system.

Overall, we feel this table offers great value for money and contains a lot of key features that won’t break the bank. Why not check out further reviews on the product on Amazon today and see if our number 1 best ping pong table could be the one for you.

2.  Joola Inside Table Tennis Table

Joola Indoor Table Tennis

Coming in at second on our list of the best ping pong table is the JOOLA inside table tennis table. There is a reason this is their best-selling table every year and here at Sportstables we will hopefully be able to show you why. JOOLA are the sponsors of the USA table tennis team and accordingly they take great pride in every piece of equipment they produce.

Apart from a very elegant design, the quality of play offered by this table is second to none. When purchasing this table, you are able to select your preference for the depth of the playing surface. Obviously, this will depend on your budget but, having trialed all three, we can honestly say that you won’t be disappointed with any of the options. Go for whichever your budget allows and you will be happy.

Once again the table is easy to assemble, and we were particularly impressed with the durable and sturdy build of the table. Again, this is a competition grade table which would be suitable for all your home, office or community center environments. It is also easy to fold away, comes complete with its own safety mechanisms, and also offers a fantastic solo playback mode meaning you can keep practicing, even when you are on your own. In our view it comes a very close second to the Stiga when it comes to choosing the best ping pong table out there.

3.  Butterfly Centrefold 25 Table Tennis Table

Butterfly Centrefold 25
Table Tennis Table

Well, for those wanting extreme quality and something to really stand out from the rest, this is your table. It really is an exceptionally high quality table and comes with a 5 year warranty. This professional-grade ping pong table is both durable and stunning in its design. The 1 inch table top provides users with a consistent bounce, which they can trust, and the framework creates a sturdy table which is certainly going to fulfill its 5 year warranty and beyond.

The table is also suitable for wheelchair playing, with its legs positioned sufficiently inward to meet all competition rulings. Another feature is the tables’ adaptability to uneven floors, with each leg able to manually adjust to the required height. Aa a brand, Butterfly pride themselves on being the choice of professionals across the world and here at Sportstables, we can certainly see why. If you're looking for the best ping pong table for your needs and budget is not a consideration, the Butterfly may very well be the one for you.There are always different options available on Amazon and perhaps a used table might be an option for you, why not have a look and see?

4.  MD Sports Indoor Table Tennis Table

best ping pong table

MD Sports Table Tennis Table

The MD Sports Ping Pong table gave the team a great afternoon of table tennis play. Whilst the table does not have the same superior quality as some of our other top 5 reviewed tables, it does provide fantastic value for money, and also looks amazing. It would suit any games room, office, conference room or living room.

Like the JOOLA table, this MD Sports table allows for solo practice and the opportunity to perfect your skills even when you don’t have any playing partners. The table also has 2″ rubber wheels, which ensures it is easy to move on any flooring surface. This table will be reviewed in our best ping pong tables under $500 article and for the price, it certainly ticks a lot of boxes. The MD Sports Table Tennis Table can be yours today at a fantastic price so why not make this a great purchase today.

5.  Cornilleau 500M Crossover Indoor Table Tennis Table

best ping pong table

Cornilleau 500M Crossover
Table Tennis Table

This model has now become the Cornilleau flagship table and arguably represents the best ping pong table the brand has to offer. The ping pong table has a fantastic design and possesses many great features, one of which is the really simple way you can adjust the net height and tension each time you play. The table also has a full mat-top finish which ensures players experience minimal glare whilst playing. The table is neat, easy to store away and benefits from one of the industry’s safest and quickest folding systems.

Whilst it is not unique in its design, its legs are very strong and the high quality of its wheels and wheel brakes, ensure it is perfectly suited for both indoor and outdoor environments. To complete the design positives, it has an ‘easy-track’ handle making it easy to maneuver, a storage area for your paddle boards/balls, ball dispense holders at each end and padded corners. The Cornilleau performance 500m is also wheelchair friendly, with its adjustable legs and leg levelers providing the perfect playing conditions.

Feel free to click here for a Cornilleau advertisement showcasing the table in a brilliant environment. Whether you have the swimming pool for it to sit alongside or just a back room to put it in, you can be sure this table will not disappoint.

Our Choice Of The Best Ping Pong Table For Outdoor Use

best ping pong table

stiga xtr outdoor Table Tennis Table  

Joola Nova Outdoor Table Tennis Table

Kettler Champ 5.0 Table Tennis Table

Cornilleau 510m Outdoor  Table Tennis Table

Harvil Outdoor Table Tennis Table

1.  stiga xtr outdoor Table Tennis Table

best ping pong table

Stiga XTR Outdoor Tennis Table

Having created a list of the attributes an outdoor table must possess, it is easy to see why the following tables rank in our top 5 when it comes to choosing the best ping pong table for outdoors play.

Stiga is a fantastic ping pong brand and their tables score highly across all of our metrics. The XTR table is built with the outdoors in mind and is built ready to withstand the elements. For an outdoor table, it is very easy to set up and we had it fully playable within 15 minutes. The leg levelers make it easy to create a stable playing surface outside and the 3″ wheel locks allow for extra security/stability whilst playing. The table could also be transferred to an indoor environment, providing further value for money and play throughout the winter months.

If you would like to see further reviews or make your purchase, why not check the product on Amazon today.

2. Joola Nova Outdoor Table Tennis Table

Joola Nova Outdoor Table Tennis Table

The Joola Nova Outdoor Ping Pong table truly is an excellent table for the great outdoors. The table can be locked stable to the ground and is extremely robust and suitable for many different ground surfaces. It is weather resistant and the entire undercarriage is rust resistant. The table can also be used for solo practice by using the half fold playback option.

Whether you are looking for a table for a school, camp site, public park or any other outdoor space, this table will not disappoint your players and will last for many years to come.

3. Kettler Champ 5.0 Outdoor Table Tennis Table

Kettler Champ 5.0 Outdoor Table Tennis Table

Kettler is a renowned Table Tennis brand and this table particularly impressed our team with regard to the outdoor market. The product has a waterproof design with Alu-Tec Kettler patented technology, which protects the table against all possible weather conditions. We believe that this ping pong table represents real value for money in the outdoor table market, and its German built design, including galvanized steel legs will see this table lasting for many years. The table also comes with some paddles, a full outdoor cover kit and some balls to get you started.

Impressed by what you see? Why not have a look at the Kettler brand video today by clicking here to find our more about the item or read some real life reviews from people who have purchased the table here.

4. Cornilleau 510m Outdoor Stationary Blue Table Tennis Table

Cornilleau 510m Outdoor Stationary Blue Table Tennis Table

With Cornillieau appearing in our indoor top 5 list, it is no surprise to find it again in our outdoor list. This moldel is the only fixed outdoor table tennis table in our top 5. Once ‘planted’, the table will be immovable and therefore, the site should be chosen wisely.

The marketing from Cornilleau says that this table is for use in any outdoor space, and also mentions the positive effects a table can have in schools, prisons etc with all users experiencing the great benefits that playing this sport can bring. It comes with a full warranty for 10 years. This table is fantastically built, and will not disappoint even the professional player, although adapting to the outdoor conditions is another thing! The steel net provides further longevity and suitability to the outdoor game.

5. Harvil Outdoor Table Tennis Table

Harvil Outdoor Table Tennis Table

As I am writing this, I have just finished playing on the Harvil table, so I can personally vouch for the strengths of this particular model. Firstly, it is extremely portable and compact with a folding design allowing playback mode if you should desire, and easy storage whatever your requirements. The quality of play offered by the table is as good as the majority of indoor tables and you get a sense of the USA Harvil high quality build from just looking at the table. It boasts all the qualities that an outdoor table needs, and the aluminium tabletop will ensure that this table continues to be in a playable condition in your outdoor space for many years to come.

stiga ADVANCED Indoor  Tennis Table


best ping pong table


The Best Ping Pong Table – What To Consider?

Perhaps you have already researched what you need in your table tennis table, or perhaps you have only recently come up with the idea, and are starting from the beginning … we will first take a look at the different types of ping pong tables out there for you to purchase.

Indoor Ping Pong Table vs Outdoor Ping Pong Table

Olympic competitive ping pong is played indoors. The rules remain the same wherever you play, and each table will have a hard surface, separated by a net in the middle. The ball must bounce once over one side of the net before being returned by your playing partner. Indoor tables remain the most popular and can also be more reasonable due to the table remaining indoors.

Outdoor ping pong is a fantastic way to spend an afternoon. It can be played by individuals of any age, gender and background. If you are looking for an outdoor table it will be important to ensure you have a table built for this purpose. We will discuss these features later on and how they will help you in your decision making.

While the majority of ping pong tables can be wheeled outside, we would thoroughly recommend that if you are looking for a table to be played on outside, you should purchase a table specifically built for this.

Outdoor table tennis tables have certain characteristics:

  • Sturdier built
  • Steel under carriage
  • Built from Concrete
  • Waterproof playing surface

As a result, outdoor ping pong tables can be slightly more costly than indoor tables. So, once you have decided if you are looking for an indoor or outdoor table we have a few considerations on the best ping pong table for you to think about when making your purchase.

How to choose your best ping pong table:

  • 1
    Playing space
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
    Table Specification
  • 6

​Playing space – We feel that this needs to be your first and foremost criteria when choosing your best ping pong table. Where is it going to go and how much space do you have? A regulation ping pong table is 9 feet long, 5 feet wide and 2 and half feet high, with your net standing at another 6 inches above and past your table. Our friends at Tiger Ping Pong then recommended that for optimum playing conditions you should have at least 5 feet behind each table end and 3 feet to each side of the table. That said, we all have restrictions that will make these guidelines hard to achieve. As long as you don’t mind being close to bumping into walls and various pieces of furniture, you can play in any space that you have, within reason, and depending perhaps on the value of your surrounding furniture!

Experience – What must also be taken into consideration is what experience at playing ping pong you, or the individuals you are buying the table for, have. If you are new to ping pong and simply a novice starting out, the likelihood is that you will not need an “all singing and all dancing” table with features you simply won’t appreciate. Whilst the quality of the higher end construction may bring you longer durability, this is not always the case and this is often more down to how you treat any table. Furthermore, if you are buying your ping pong table for an office or community space, you may want durability over table performance. In our experience, tables purchased for these type of environments, do not receive the same level of care as those purchased for home/individual use. We would therefore recommend you go for the more robust table to ensure the best possible longevity.

Affordability – For many, this will be the number one factor when choosing your ping pong table. Your budget together with level of experience, as discussed above, will inevitably be linked in with your decision on which table is best for us. Ping pong tables can be as cheap as a few hundred dollars, rising all the way to several thousands of dollars for a top quality table. Everyone has a budget and, as long as you take into account your level of experience and what you actually require from the table, we would recommend that you only buy a table at a price you are happy to pay.

Collapsibility – Take into consideration the playing space that will need to be dedicated to the table if you leave it permanently open. In many home settings, this would not be a realistic proposition, so it may be an important factor that the table can be collapsed and put away when not in use. Having a table that meets your spacing requirements will be crucial to keeping your enjoyment with the game and allow you to keep playing. It is often a requirement for outdoor tables to be left open and often why a strong concrete structure is best chosen.

Table Specification – Again this links into your experience level and requirements from the table. A competition-ready, regulation table is required to be made of a continuous piece of material, which is usually wood based. If you have the world championships in your sights or future plans then you will need this but, for the majority of recreational players, this will not be a requirement, and it would probably be more important to take the ease of collapsibility of the table into account.

Another consideration for future World Championship contenders is that the ping pong ball must bounce higher than nine inches when dropped from a foot above the table. TOP TIP: To measure the quality of your best ping pong table, complete this exercise and see how close your ball comes to this.

Accessories – Along with selecting the most suitable and best ping pong table for you, you will also need to get your paddles, ping pong balls (and potentially a robot) to keep practicing and stay at your best! Please click here if you wish to read our full reviews of ping pong accessories.

Found your best ping pong table? Why not click here to visit our ping pong accessories page and select your weapons to play the great game with.

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