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Whatever you like to call it, Foosball or Table Football is a great game. Welcome to our best foosball table review page where you will find all the latest information and best foosball table reviews, created by our team.

Best Foosball Table Reviews

1. Best Choice Products 48” Foosball Table

Best Choice Products 48” Foosball Table

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  • Great Design – The table with its wooden finish will look fantastic in any environment.
  • Super features – A cup holder at either end of the table makes for convenient placement of any drinks. Comfortable grips also make for a fantastic playing experience, ensuring you won’t need to stop playing because of your hands.
  • Solid Build – Built with a medium density fiberboard, the Foosball table has a low friction surface which creates a fantastic playing experience.
  • Value for Money – considering the price, the playing experience and the build quality, this table represents our number 1 choice for your best Foosball table.

2. Warrior Professional Foosball Table

Warrior Professional Foosball Table

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  • Top Quality – recognized and endorsed by the International Table Soccer Federation, this table is suitable for professional standard competitions.
  • Designed with the players in mind – The Warrior table was designed and built by Foosball veteran Brendan Flaherty. The result of this is the international competition standard table that we had the pleasure of playing on.
  • Adjustable levelers and rubber pads on the feet of the table to prevent any slide during match play.
  • Safety features – The Warrior Foosball Table comes with a set of rod guards which eliminates the risk of any potential injuries. This is something which can be understated when choosing a foosball table, however must be a serious consideration, especially if the table will be played on by children.

3. American Legend Charger 52” Foosball table

American Legend Charger 52” Foosball Table

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  • Solid Design – Once built, the table with its solid square legs, cross bar support and wooden boards create a sound, sturdy Foosball table structure.
  • Game Play – The abacus-style scoring system and internal ball return system allow for a fast-paced playing experience, with no holt in playing proceedings.
  • Family Suitable – The American Legend foosball table is suitable for all the family. Kids will have hours of fun playing on this table and it can be a great learning/beginner table for everyone involved.
  • Great Price – once again this foosball table is well under $500 and represents true value for money

The Best Foosball Table – What To Consider?

Having seen our best Foosball table reviews about you may have already perhaps you have already considered what you need from your foosball table. Alternatively, perhaps you have only recently come up with the idea and are starting from the beginning. Here at we will look into the key things to consider, to help your purchasing decision.

How to choose your best foosball table:

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    Playing space
  • 4
    Table Specification
  • 5
    Table Design
  • 6

Affordability – Unlike other Sports Tables that we review on this site, Foosball tables are overall relatively less expensive. Whilst your budget will reflect your requirements from your foosball table, spending an extra few hundred dollars can take you from an entry level table to an international competition standard table. Whilst some foosball tables can be several thousands of dollars for a top quality table, we would only recommend this if you are hosting top level competitions.

As always, only spend what you can afford with your foosball table and we can guarantee you, you will have hours of fun playing on your new purchase.

Experience – If you are new to playing foosball, you will probably best suited to our tables under $500 and will not need an expensive table. Whilst the quality of the higher end construction may bring you longer durability, the cheaper foosball tables available will still provide a sturdy playing surface for you to enjoy.

Playing space – As with any sport table it is important to consider where the table is going to reside. The maximum number of people that will be playing at one time would be 4 and as there is very little movement required, even the smallest spaces shouldn’t stop you from playing.

Table Specification – One of the most important aspects to a table will be that it remains level and does not become uneven. Most tables will have the quality to maintain this, however you should make sure that the surface is durable.

Accessories – With Foosball there are not as many direct accessories notably required to play the game. Regulation foosball playing balls of course, but there are many other changeable items available for purchase, which can be found here

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